How we can make open education more feminist (REPOST)

In my previous post, I reflected on what it means for the open movement to be a feminist movement, and why it’s vital to us achieving our goal of more equitable global knowledge and education systems. That vision is exciting and challenging. It drives so much of what I do, so the next logical step is for me to think out loud about how I can and do apply them to my work in open education. How can I be a part of building those values into the foundations of OER creation through my work at Rebus Community?

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Why Open Must be Feminist (REPOST)

A screen grab of Zoe's twitter bio. In it, she writes that she is interested in open feminism.

I, somewhat reluctantly, joined Twitter in March of 2016. At the time, I was a student in the Master of Publishing program at Simon Fraser University, and enamoured with all things publishing. My supervisor convinced me to get into this Twitter thing as a way to get more involved with the open movement, and bothered me until I added a profile photo and filled out my bio. While I’ve updated the bio since, this bit hasn’t changed from that first moment:

“… into all things Open Textbook, Open Monograph, Open Access and feminism (Open feminism?)”

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